• Kobayashi Group
  • The MacNaughton Group

Their family histories in the Islands could not be more different. Yet, after 15 years of partnership in residential development in Hawaii, Kobayashi Group and The MacNaughton Group are standing on firm, common ground.

Duncan MacNaughton, patriarch and founder of The MacNaughton Group, grew up in Hawaii as the son of an executive for Dole Pineapple Co. Bert Kobayashi, patriarch and founder of Kobayashi Group, grew up as the son of a local residential contractor.

In the early years, each observed his father’s trade, forging his own path to the development world: While MacNaughton observed the ins and outs of real estate development, Kobayashi toured jobs sites at night picking up nails and scrap wood in order to understand the materials that went into the work.

Fast-forward more than four decades and Hawaii’s residential market has benefited greatly from both developers’ nascent learning experiences: While Kobayashi Group has developed such projects as Kukio Golf and Beach Club and the Wailea Beach Resort, The MacNaughton Group has been instrumental in bringing national retailers such as Starbucks and Whole Foods Market to Hawaii and developing such retail centers as Moanalua Shopping Center and Maui Marketplace.

In the years that have followed their successful separate endeavors, these two partnering families have created some of Hawaii’s most successful residential communities, including Hokua, One Ala Moana and the upcoming Park Lane. Along the way, they’ve developed an ethos that informs each project they undertake.

“We’re local to Hawaii, we’re kamaaina,” says Kobayashi. “And our children have lived in every property we’ve developed. We don’t just develop homes, we develop places where we’d want to live.”

“We understand that our residents want the absolute best for their families, because we want that, too,” says MacNaughton. “So we hand-source every material, assemble the best residential design teams and call upon local talent and expertise to ensure that every home we build is a home by, of, and for Hawaii.”

Today, Kobayashi Group and The MacNaughton Group employ a second generation of family members who plan to succeed their founders in continuing their companies’ missions. “We stay with our projects, even 10 years after development to ensure the quality of work is worthy of our residents,” says Kobayashi. “We create homes families will want to live in for generations.” says MacNaughton.